Viva Knievel Gambling

Viva Knievel

Viva Knievel Gambling


Viva Knievel Gambling

Viva Knievel Gambling is a mobile casino game that allows players to bet on the legendary stuntman's daring motorcycle jumps. The game features a variety of options, including win/loss, over/under, and stunt success.

Viva Knievel Gambling


Players place bets on whether Knievel will successfully complete a jump or not. They can also bet on the height of the jump, the distance traveled, and whether Knievel will perform any stunts during the jump.

Betting Options

  • Win/Loss: Bet on whether Knievel will complete the jump successfully or not.
  • Over/Under: Bet on whether the jump distance will be over or under a certain distance.
  • Stunt Success: Bet on whether Knievel will perform a specific stunt during the jump.


The payouts for winning bets vary depending on the difficulty of the jump and the betting option selected. Generally, the higher the risk, the higher the .


  • Multiplier Jumps: Some jumps offer a multiplier bonus, which increases the for a winning bet.
  • Free Jumps: Players can earn free jumps by completing certain challenges or leveling up.
  • Special Events: The game features special events, such as jump competitions, that offer boosted payouts and unique prizes.

Graphics and Sound

Viva Knievel Gambling features detailed graphics and realistic sound effects that recreate the excitement of Knievel's legendary jumps. The game also includes commentary from Knievel himself, adding to the authenticity of the experience.


Viva Knievel Gambling is a fun and exciting casino game that allows players to relive the daredevil stunts of the legendary stuntman. With a variety of betting options and bonus features, the game offers plenty of ways to win while also providing a thrilling experience.

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