Play Your Cards Right

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Play Your Cards Right” is a television game show that originated in the United Kingdom and has been adapted into various international versions. The game's primary objective is for contestants to correctly guess the values of playing cards that are drawn randomly.

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play card

Initially, contestants are presented with a deck of oversized playing cards. From this deck, they select one card face-down, without revealing its value to the audience or other contestants. Three jokers are also included in the deck.

The host then draws six cards from the remaining deck, revealing them one at a time. After each card is drawn, contestants have three options:

  1. Keep the Card: Keep the face-down card they initially selected.
  2. Switch: Exchange their face-down card for the new card drawn.
  3. Quit: Exit the game and take the value of their face-down card.

Elimination Rounds:

The game proceeds through multiple elimination rounds. In each round, three contestants compete. The contestant with the lowest total value of cards after all six cards have been drawn is eliminated.

Final Round:

The final round features the remaining contestants competing until only one winner remains. The winner is the contestant with the highest total value of cards.

Joker Cards:

Jokers play a crucial role in the game. When a joker is drawn, the contestant who has it has the power to change the suit or value of any card in their hand or the cards that are still in the deck. This can significantly alter the game's outcome and make it more unpredictable.


Winning the game requires a combination of luck and strategy. Contestants need to consider the probabilities of drawing particular cards and weigh the potential risks and rewards of keeping, switching, or quitting. Additionally, they should pay attention to the cards that other contestants select and guess which cards might have higher or lower values.## [Play Your Cards Right]

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